Student's Director

Purpose of the Job:

To serve the vision of Anchor Bend by way of youth life, development, and pastoral care.

Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • Hands on youth ministry experience.
  • Effective pastoral leadership.
  • Consistent involvement with the pastoral needs of Youth.
  • Systematic team building and leadership development.
  • Ability to communicate vision.
  • Youth ministry health assessment, analysis, and restructuring.
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, and Outlook. Must be willing to learn new programs needed.
  • Leadership and administrative experience.
  • Must be energetic and able to stand or sit for lengths of time as needed.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Develop message content based off of the topic of choice to share at Team Night.
  • Creating a service environment within Team Night that connects Youth to the Next Steps, dream team, to worship, pray, build healthy community and challenges them to grow as leaders within the church.
  • Build teams that involve Youth and empower them as leaders.
  • Strategically promoting Team Night within the campus using mediums such as Sunday mornings, First Wednesdays.
  • Actively participating in social media on a regular basis for Youth and parents to stay connected to youth services.
  • Intentionally build relationships with affiliated churches.
  • Connect with schools within the community in order to enable Youth to participate in Youth services.
  • Actively following up with every youth that fills out a connection card from a Youth service.
  • Relationally serve Youth pastoral care needs and create personal growth plans for Youth to receive and or experience healing, restoration, deliverance, freedom, and the process of redemption.
  • Liaison for all Small Group systems and structure implemented by Anchor Bend.
  • Liaison for all Next Steps systems and structure implemented by Anchor Bend.
  • Liaison for all Dream Team systems and structure implemented by Anchor Bend.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Availability for hosting services, hosting guest pastors, and leading other operational components of Anchor Bend.

Employee’s possess and exhibit the following core values in their daily lives:

  • Love for God
  • Love for people
  • Work ethic that is excellent, protective and frugal with time and money.
  • Attitude of a servant, enjoyable to be with and devoted to the call of God and the Church.
  • Grit and perseverance
  • Generosity

Skills & Attributes:

  • Christ-like, servant attitude.
  • Devoted to the call of God and the vision of Anchor Bend.
  • Operate with a spirit of excellence.
  • Committed to the core values and purposes of Church of the Anchor Bend.
  • Committed and personally vested in the well-being and success of small groups at Anchor Bend.
  • Leader, team builder.
  • Passion for the Lord and people.

Physical Demands:

  • Light lifting